Advocacy Updates

New development on proposed small business tax changes

December 2016 - The CAR was made aware of comments made by the Federal Minister of Finance that indicate that the unintended consequences that the proposed tax changes would have on group medical structures and health care in general have been underestimated. The CAR has made this issue a focal point of its advocacy and government relations work over the past year.

Read more about what CAR President, Dr. William Miller, has to say regarding the anticipated impact for radiologists and for healthcare in Canada.

It's not too late to have your voice heard. We encourage you to write to your MP. A sample letter can be accessed by signing into the CAR Member Portal. Please write to us at and let us know how these issues affect you, your practice and your patients.


Pre-Budget Submission 2016

On August 5, the CAR submitted a pre-budget consultation report to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance. The report is intended to inform and influence the federal government as it prepares its budget and considers its spending priorities.

Read the pre-budget submission here

The CAR has emphasized the value of radiology to the healthcare system and the manner in which diagnostic imaging contributes to appropriateness, cost-savings, and overall efficiency. On behalf of radiologists across Canada, we are:

  1. encouraging investment in pan-Canadian IT infrastructure to facilitate implementation of clinical decision support mechanisms for medical imaging;
  2. emphasizing the necessity of renewed capital investment for diagnostic imaging equipment;
  3. and requesting that the government maintain the small business tax exemption for group medical practices.

The Pre-Budget Submission is an example of the advocacy and government relations work that the CAR is conducting on behalf of our members. Following the official submission, the document will be translated and made available to the membership at large.

In concert with these efforts, the CAR will be offering support and materials for members who would like to contact their local Member of Parliament to increase awareness of these and other issues. For more information, please contact Casey Hurrell, Manager of Health Policy at or 613-860-3111 ext. 205.