A Message from the President

A Message from the President

As my term as President of the CAR is drawing to a close, I wish to thank you, our members, for the opportunity to serve in this capacity. It has been a challenge, as well as a pleasure. I have enjoyed visiting our provincial associations and meeting many engaged and motivated Canadian radiologists. I have made many new friends and enjoyed the varied cultures from sea to sea as well as in Europe and South America. I believe we have made real progress as an association, and are moving forward in the right direction.

By focusing our efforts and activities on our priorities – membership, advocacy, professional resilience, and quality improvement, we were able to make great progress on a number of issues and to set a foundation for future success.

Throughout my term as President, I have worked to strengthen, revitalize, and forge connections with the Association’s members and stakeholders like our provincial counterparts, health agencies like Choosing Wisely Canada and Canada Health Infoway, and our industry partners. We are looking forward to our 80th Annual Scientific Meeting in Montreal in April – a chance for our members to come together, network with their peers, and engage with the radiology research taking place across Canada. This year, the CAR is also holding its inaugural Leadership in Radiology Course, which we anticipate will become a mainstay of the yearly slate of valuable learning opportunities that we offer our members and others in the radiology community.

The CAR and the provincial radiology associations recently agreed to a new Memorandum of Understanding that reaffirms our mandates in relation to one another and which sets a foundation for collaboration on issues that are of mutual interest. As we work to highlight the importance of radiology services to health systems across Canada, it is encouraging to know that our provincial associations are working collaboratively to support the work of their colleagues in other regions. The CAR will continue to lead at a federal level, and to serve as a resource for its provincial counterparts.

2016 marked the real beginning of a robust advocacy and government relations program at the CAR. In the first quarter of 2017, we have continued to bring the perspective of radiologists to the forefront of federal policy discussions and decision-making. During our meetings with members of Parliament, we have raised the profile of radiology. In so doing, we have enhanced policy-makers’ awareness about the value that we bring to the healthcare system, and how we contribute to patient care.

Our work on the Value of Radiology project has resulted in a powerful report by the Conference Board of Canada supporting the value that radiology brings to Canadian healthcare. It was based on sound economic principles and drew on the expertise of radiologists from across Canada. The report has been extremely well-received both here and abroad. I look forward to the next phase of the project which will further support the value we add to the system and increase awareness within our community, for our patients and governments.

It has been my privilege to act as emissary for the CAR at international radiology meetings, and to draw attention to the vital work that Canadian radiologists are doing across the country. I have worked to strengthen our ties with our colleagues from around the world while representing the Association on your behalf – a responsibility and privilege that I have taken seriously. Radiology is under pressure throughout the world. Working in Canada to come up with positive solutions and proposals, we stand to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our international peers, and they from ours. Despite current politics, I believe we work in a global community, and we all gain from sharing expertise and best practices.

In this, my final message to you as President of the CAR, I want to reiterate that it has been an honour to serve you and our profession as we work together to improve patient care and outcomes, and to support our profession. I want to thank you, wholeheartedly, for your support and engagement with our Association. I look forward to a bright future for the CAR and for radiology as a profession.


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