CAR Advocacy Update

CAR Advocacy Update

Dr. Lee presents to the federal Standing Committee on Finance on behalf of the CAR - the national voice of radiology in Canada

For the second consecutive year, the Canadian Association of Radiologists was invited to make an oral presentation to the House of Commons Standing Committee Finance on Thursday, September 28.

Represented by CAR President Dr. Emil Lee, this was a key opportunity to ensure that the voice of radiologists was heard on matters pertaining to health system improvement and technological innovation in healthcare, specifically within the context of the 2018 Federal Budget. It also served to increase general awareness about the value of radiology and medical imaging among Parliamentarians.

Based on the CAR's written pre-budget submission, Dr. Lee advocated that the Federal government:

  1. Invest $612 million, over five years, to ensure that available imaging equipment meets the quality standards that patients deserve
  2. Invest $9 million, over three years, to fund projects demonstrating clinical decision support tools for diagnostic imaging to enhance the delivery of patient care in a measurable way
  3. Invest $10.5 million over three years to guide implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) tools in medicine and healthcare
  4. Heed the expertise of physicians as part of the consultation process on proposed tax changes for small businesses

Over the past few months, the CAR has been particularly active in its advocacy work related to its last pre-budget submission proposal regarding the proposed tax changes. We have heard, and continue to hear, concerns from our members from BC to Newfoundland. We have encouraged and helped our members bring their concerns forward to their MPs.

The tax changes, originally proposed in July, have also been the subject of intense media interest and public scrutiny. This attention has led to the establishment of a number of additional consultations on the proposed legislation and its effects on Canadian small businesses – including incorporated physicians. As such, the CAR will be participating in the following additional consultations being held on the proposed tax changes:

  • Original Tax Consultation with Office of the Minister of Finance [October 2]
  • Standing Senate Committee on National Finance [November 30]

The CAR is also organizing its second annual advocacy event on Parliament, which will take place on November 6th and 7th. This event allows the CAR to bring its members directly in touch with members of parliament, senators, and parliamentary staffers, in order to build awareness of the central role radiologists play in healthcare delivery.

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