Referral Guidelines

The 2012 CAR Diagnostic Imaging Referral Guidelines are intended for physicians and are aimed at assisting them in making decisions in regard to appropriate imaging studies for specific cases. These Referral Guidelines are not intended as a means of restricting the physician’s role in the process of decision-making in regard to the imaging studies to be requested. The Referral Guidelines are evidence-informed and are based on expert opinion or case studies. They should not be used to diminish in any way the freedom of attending physicians to determine and order imaging studies for their patients for whom they have the ultimate responsibility. Discussion between the radiologist and the physician, particularly during multidisciplinary team meetings, must always take precedence.

A full reference guide will soon be available to outline the recommendations, level of evidence and dose.

Each set of guidelines below was prepared by an expert advisory working group.  The CAR gratefully acknowledges the many individuals that were consulted in the revision of these guidelines.  

2012 CAR Diagnostic Imaging Referral Guidelines