CAR Position Papers

Position Statements are intended to inform physicians and other interested parties of the formal opinion of the CAR concerning critical issues in radiology, evolving areas of clinical practice, and/or technologies that are widely available or new to the practice community. These statements are developed around topics that impact practice, are new or emerging, and for which a body of evidence or expert opinion is available. They are evidence-informed or consensus-based, but are more narrowly focused and more concise than guidelines.


Joint CAR-SOGC Statement on the Non-medical Use of Fetal Ultrasound

CAR Position Statement on the Use of Thyroid Shields

CAR Position Statement on the Use of Point of Care Ultrasound

Canadian Heart Rhythm Society and CAR Consensus Statement on Magnetic Resonance Imaging With Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices

CAR Position Statement on the Importance of Radiology Group Practices in the Delivery of Comprehensive Imaging Services