CAR Young Investigator Award

CAR Young Investigator Award Criteria

Terms of Reference:

The award shall be known as: CAR Young Investigator Award. This represents the highest award that lies within the power of the CAR to bestow upon a young researcher.

The CAR Young Investigator Award can be awarded by the CAR to an individual for medical imaging-related research.

This research is recognized by the CAR for quality and consistency in the early phases of a career.

The CAR is under no obligation to present the award annually.

Except under very unusual circumstances, the award will given to one nominee each year.

Only in the event of the demise of the nominee after being selected shall the award be presented posthumously.


The CAR Young Investigator Award nominee may be an individual with no more than 10 years of practice, since completing residency or fellowship. A nominee for the CAR Young Investigator Award must be a member of good standing in the CAR.


A nomination may be submitted by any member in good standing of the CAR, including a self-nomination.

The nomination should contain a succinct summary of the major research (full citations for the published research) contributions of the nominee and be accompanied by a curriculum vitae.

The nomination must be accompanied by letters of support from two members in good standing of the CAR.


  • The award nomination must be presented to the CAR office annually by November 15 prior to the year in which it is to be presented.
  • The nomination may be made in writing via e-mail, fax or regular surface mail.
  • The nominator is responsible for ensuring that the written nomination, C/V, summary, citations and two support letters are in the CAR office by the November 15 deadline.
  • An individual member may nominate or sponsor only one nominee per year per award.


A Board Working Group (BWG) on Awards will evaluate the award nominations.

If unsuccessful the first year, the nomination may be reactivated by any member in good standing for consideration for a maximum of two (2) following the first submission. This can be done by submitting a letter requesting reactivation by November 15 of the subsequent year. This reactivation does not require any new supporting data, although additional information will be accepted.


The award will be presented at the CAR Awards ceremony held in conjunction with the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM).

The CAR Young Investigator Award includes travel costs, hotel accommodations for two nights and two tickets to the CAR Awards ceremony.

Nomination Process:

Please submit by email, fax or surface mail the following documentation:

  • Name of the nominee
  • Name of the nominator
  • Title of the nominee
  • Contact info of the nominee (address, telephone, fax, email)
  • Contact info of the nominator (address, telephone, fax, email)
  • CV and summary of the nominee
  • Two (2) support letters for the nominee from CAR members in good standing
  • Contribution of the nominee (specify as many as relevant, including full citations for all published research)
  • Basic Research
  • Clinical Research
  • Other Research


(Please indicate Subject: CAR Young Investigator Award Nomination)

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CAR Young Investigator Award Nomination
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Past Winners:

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