Canadian Radiological Foundation (CRF)


CRF Vision

As the voice of Canadian radiology for almost eighty years, the Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR) has been working to see beyond the present and plan for the future of Canadian medical imaging. The Canadian Radiological Foundation (CRF) is charged with raising funds to help expand the activities of the CAR.

CRF Mission

The mission of the CRF is to promote the art and science of radiology through research and education.


The mandate of the CRF is to fund projects which help to shape the future of radiology in Canada. In support of this directive, the CRF has sustained various projects over the years.


In support of studies or research projects in diagnostic radiology or interventional procedures, the CRF is pleased to provide an opportunity to apply for a grant accordingly.

Your Support

You can expand the scope of the CRF's support of medical imaging research and education in Canada by making a donation.

Our Future

The future of medical imaging lies with each and every radiologist in Canada. Through your support we can make a major contribution to ensure that radiology continues to impact the future of the Canadian healthcare system and help future generations see beyond – and discover new frontiers.