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The Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR) is committed to patient safety and timely access to quality medical imaging for all Canadians. Access to medical imaging is a critical part of health care to all segments of the population. One population segment needing critical attention is seniors’ care.  Today, 14% of Canada’s population is over 65 but accounts for almost 50% of all health costs. In 20 years, seniors are expected to make up 25% of the population while representing 62% of healthcare costs. This changing Canadian demographic landscape demands attention to our health care delivery system. 

Demand a Plan Flyer

An aging population will require even more imaging resources across the board and, considering the challenges with access that already exist, a redesign of seniors care is particularly crucial at the present time. It is important for the CAR to be a contributor to solutions to address the medical imaging challenges which will include, among others, increasing demand on a system already strained with wait times and access issues, a need for access strategies, and a need for attention to appropriate use of medical imaging resources. 

The CAR has thus joined forces with the Alliance for a National Seniors Strategy to make seniors care a ballot issue in the October 2015 federal elections. The Alliance, a coalition of national health and consumer associations and organizations, believes that a reform centered on improving seniors care is urgently needed. The Alliance is thus calling for all levels of government, with the federal government as the lead, to elaborate a national seniors’ strategy that can effectively meet the evolving needs of a growing aging population well into the future. The CAR is poised to help address the challenges ahead and to be the voice to ensure medical imaging is a component of any national seniors’ strategy.

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