May Issue of the CARJ – Focus on Neuroradiology

May Issue of the CARJ – Focus on Neuroradiology

Hot off the presses! The May issue of the Canadian Association of Radiologists Journal is available online. This issue has a special thematic focus on neuroradiology, and includes compelling research material from across Canada. We encourage all CAR members to check it out.

Highlights from the May Issue

Also included in the May issue is a Canadian update on adverse reactions to contrast material, which has been published Open Access to encourage wider readership on this vitally-important topic. For those interested in reading more about the CAR’s response to recent controversy about possible adverse effects of gadolinium, read our statement here.

Claim your subscription

Free access to the CARJ is one of the benefits of being a CAR member, and we want to celebrate the journal and the researchers who are published in it. To claim your subscription, all you need is your CAR member number and your last name. Don’t know your CAR member number? Get in touch with us!

Interested in becoming a reviewer for the CARJ?

Email – the journal is always looking to add the expertise of CAR members to its roster!

New Editorial Board

Dr. Peter Munk, Editor-in-Chief, is pleased to welcome the following CAR members to the editorial board of the CARJ. Thanks in advance for your dedication and for lending your expertise to the journal.

Dr. Alison Harris
Dr. Jean Seely
Dr. Jai Shankar
Dr. Matt McInnes
Dr. Nancy Wadden
Dr. Martin Reid
Dr. Andrea Lum
Dr. Michael O’Keeffe
Dr. Kieran Murphy
Dr. Fateme Salehi


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