Provincial MoU

Strengthening Our Ties with Our Provincial Counterparts

This past February, the CAR and the executive teams of Canadian provincial radiology associations came together to discuss ways to improve their collaboration on common interest issues pertaining to radiology in Canada. The objectives of this memorandum of understanding, which establishes enhanced collaboration guidelines between 11 Canadian radiology associations, are to maximize value to their shared members through co-operative strategic planning on policy and lobbying initiatives, and collaborative discussions on public and patient interests on a provincial and national scale.

How the CAR Works

The CAR gears its efforts towards the establishment of national practice and referral guidelines for private and academic radiology centres, as well as informing and influencing the Federal Government to impart the interest of its members through advocacy initiatives such as the CAR’s inaugural Day on the Hill event held last November on Parliament Hill. One of the CAR’s main objectives has always been to present a comprehensive overview of the impact and contributions of radiologists within the Canadian healthcare landscape to both the government and the general public.

Our Common Ground

Due to their separate yet overlapping areas of concern, the services being provided by each of the provincial radiology associations are indispensable to promoting the interests of radiologists in Canada. While the CAR’s main strategic goals focus on improving quality assurance in medical imaging, on advocating for the value of radiology at the federal level, and on providing valuable benefits to its membership, it recognizes the need for mutual support between radiology organizations.

Our Reciprocal Membership Agreements

The CAR has increased its communication with radiologists across different provinces through its continuing reciprocal membership agreements with the British Columbia Radiological Society, the Alberta Society of Radiologists, the Nova Scotia Association of Radiologists, and the Association des radiologistes du Québec. Such reciprocal agreements have improved overall communication by giving those radiologists direct access to news and advocacy updates from the CAR, as well as strengthening relationships with the executive branches of each of the aforementioned associations. We encourage CAR members who are not yet members of their provincial associations to consider supporting the important work they accomplish at the provincial level.


In light of this, the CAR would like to thank the executive teams of the following Canadian radiology associations for their enthusiastic collaboration on the Radiology Associations Accord:
Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Radiologists
Island Diagnostic Imaging Associates
New Brunswick Association of Radiologists
Nova Scotia Association of Radiologists
Association des radiologistes du Québec
Ontario Association of Radiologists
Manitoba Association of Radiologists        
Radiological Society of Saskatchewan
Alberta Society of Radiologists
British Columbia Radiological Society


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