Paving the way for the future of medical education

Paving the way for the future of medical education

Dr. Kathryn Darras wins award for contributions to the improvement of medical education in Canada in her last year of radiology residency at UBC

Dr. Kathryn Darras, a recent graduate from the Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program at the University of British Columbia and member of the CAR, was awarded the Resident Doctors of Canada 2016 Mikhael Award for Medical Education. Each year, the award recognizes an individual who has contributed to improving undergraduate and postgraduate medical education in Canada.

According to Resident Doctors of Canada, Dr. Darras’ work “sets an example for medical education for future physicians, and those in current practice.” She has been instrumental in the UBC Medical Undergraduate Program Curriculum Renewal project, which aims to ensure that UBC’s medical graduates are equipped to meet the province’s changing health care needs. Dr. Darras is interested in the role of technology in education and she recently created the UBC Radiology Teaching App, an innovative teaching tool which includes over 500 anatomy questions featuring x-ray, CT, MRI and ultrasound images ( Based on standardized curricula, this app is free for iOS/Android platforms and designed to engage medical students in radiology. She currently serves as a member on the CAR Undergraduate Education Committee.

Dr. Darras has also been involved in other initiatives that will help to improve medical education. One such project involved researching the most useful clinical electives during the first year of the radiology residency program. The other consisted of developing a new radiology anatomy curriculum for first-year residents in their clinical preparation for call service.

Some of Dr. Darras’ other recent projects have been published in the CARJ:

In addition to these many accomplishments, Dr. Darras has also been the recipient of multiple CAR awards for projects submitted to CAR contests as well as a CRF Research Grant. These include:

  • 2017, Scientific Exhibit, 2nd place (with Rebecca Spouge), title: Identifying the Challenges with Radiology Electives: Student and Faculty Experiences at a Large Distributed Medical School
  • 2016, Radiologist-in-Training contest, 3rd place, title: Virtual Monochromatic Reconstruction of Contrast-Enhanced Dual-Energy CT at 40 keV Maximizes the Conspicuity of Peritoneal Metastases Compared with Polychromatic CT. This research was funded through a 2015 CRF Research Grant.
  • 2014, Education Exhibit, 2nd place, title: Pearls for Interpreting Cervical Spine Images in Trauma

The CAR wishes to congratulate Dr. Darras on her recent award and on her many other achievements. We look forward to seeing the impact she will undoubtedly have on the radiology profession in the coming years.


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