Radiologists-in-Training Contest

The Radiologists-in-Training Contest is an oral presentation contest organized as part of the CAR's Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM).

The CAR is presently inviting residents, fellows and medical students enrolled in Canadian radiology programs or performing research projects in radiology to submit scientific abstracts for oral presentation during the CAR 2017 ASM.

Submissions are to describe a hypothesis-driven research project with defined outcomes and a reasonable sample size. Case reports should not be submitted to this category.

Multiple research projects may be submitted; however, a maximum of only one may be presented by a given radiologist-in-training.

Please note that the main authors of abstracts that are accepted for oral presentation at the CAR 2017 ASM are required to attend the meeting and present at the Radiologists-in-Training Contest session. Participants must register for the conference and are required to pay the applicable registration fee and all other expenses involved in attending the meeting.

Winners of the Radiologists-in-Training contest will receive cash awards as follows:

  • First prize: $1,000
  • Second prize: $500
  • Third prize: $250

These awards will be announced at the CAR 2017 Awards Ceremony Saturday, April 22, 2017.

Please visit the Call for Abstracts FAQ page for more details on the Radiologists-in-Training Contest and on submitting an abstract.