Departmental Clinical Audit Projects Contest


  • Étienne Haché – University of Ottawa
    Paracentesis Practice Assessment: Identifying Procedural Variations and Adherence to Mandated Protocols


  • Jeffrey Quon – University of Ottawa
    Disinfection of the Radiologist Workstation and Radiologist Hand Hygiene: A Single Institution Audit


  • Guan Huang et al. – University of Alberta
    An Audit to Evaluate the Diagnostic Adequacy and Safety of Percutaneous Ultrasound Guided Pediatric Liver Biopsy


  • Brandy Sessford et al. – University of Saskatchewan
    Management of Asymptomatic Adnexal Cysts identified on Ultrasound: A Clinical Audit Project at the Saskatoon Health Region


  • Christopher Fung et al. – University of Alberta
    Clinical History and Radiographs in the Emergency Department: A Breakdown in Communication


  • Kamal Sahi et al. ‒ University of Alberta
    Use of Imaging Modalities and Contrast Agents in the Pregnant and Lactating Patient