The Canadian Radiological Foundation (CRF) supports studies and research projects in diagnostic and interventional radiology. However, we cannot do so without the generosity of our funders.

Please help us achieve the CRF’s mission: to “promote the art and science of radiology through research and education”.

Tax-deductible donations can be made by:

  1. Donating online
  2. Calling the CRF at 613 860-3111, ext. 0
  3. Sending a cheque or money order, payable to The Canadian Radiological Foundation, to:

    The Canadian Radiological Foundation

    c/o The Canadian Association of Radiologists
    600-294 Albert Street
    Ottawa, ON  K1P 6E6

    Please indicate your CAR member ID number and whether or not you give us permission to publicly recognize you as a donor and have the category of your donation displayed.

  4. Renewing your CAR membership or becoming a member online.

Thank you in advance for your support.

“Let’s all invest in our future”


CRF Donors

The CRF would like to sincerely thank all its funders for their donations over the years. Your contributions have allowed the CRF to develop projects and initiatives which otherwise would not have been possible.

Total of donations received in 2015: $15,675

Friends: $5,400          Supporters: $4,775     

Patrons: $2,500          Benefactors: $3,000

The CRF would like to publicly recognize the following 2015 donors:

Barry, Michael Hartery, Angus Miller, William
Blumer, Russell Hillis, Joanne Mujoomdar, Amol
Bourgeois, Daniel Howlett, Laura Nitsch, Barbara
Chang, Silvia Iles, David Pickles, Angela
Chin, Joseph Jimenez-Juan, Laura Rideout, David
Chung, Terry Kassel, Edward Sampaio, Marcos
Dennie, Carole Khamanaskar, Kavita Sevick, Robert
Desmarais, René Kribs, Stewart Soulez, Gilles
Di Primio, Luigia Anna Larson, Paul Sussman, Sidney
Doran, Dale Levesque, Jacques Sutherland, Scott
Finlay, Karen Lindsay, Daniel Tomney, Patricia
Forster, Bruce Lum, P. Andrea Wadden, Nancy
Fraser, David Lyons, Edward Wells, Holly
Grant, Doris Lysack, David Whelan, Edward
Hahn, Johann MacFadyen, Lennis Wilk, Jerry
Hapgood, Connie Mason, Andrew Zalev, Arthur
Hammond, Ian McInnes, Matthew Zylak, Carl
Harris, Scott McIver, Colin


Donor Categories:

Friend: up to $199
Supporter: $200 to $499
Patron: $500 to $999
Benefactor: $1000 and above